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. google purchased youtube back in 2006 from $1.7 billion. when the video side had an estimated 50 million users worldwide. >> the guy who has bought silicon valley startup "jybe " so it can bring back five of their former engineers to help the internet company build better mobile applications. " tojybe " is a mobile service that gathers the peoples of recommendations about food and entertainment. the deal was announced yesterday and marks yahoos the fourth acquisition of a small startup adorn the past five months. >> rising gas prices are really taken a chunk out of people's monthly budgets. now the bay area grocer is working with a low oil company to reduce the prices are around the northern california area. safeway is teaming up with chevron to give you a break at the pump. the deal is simple. buy more groceries, and you say more at the chevron devastation. accumulated enough reward points and you could save up to 20ยข per gallon. the offer is open to any safeway club member, and to redeem the gas rewards, just like your rewards club card upon. if the discount is also available at texac
on interstate 80. at the google of the era. the rich and station is in the middle of the city's the northern most stop on the rich and fremont bart line. >> off the idea would be to extend a line to the north parallel to the pass of interstate 80. >> along the route to bart stations could be evidence and of low near the richmond hill top shopping center. further north in pinole there could be service all went to herculeses not further. none of it is close to being a done deal. i spoke with of artwoh a bart spokesperson saying this is just an idea. >> extending service to the north would be a long, long process. the transit agency would secure funding and acquired less to build new railway stations and engineers to design the extension. it would have to survive years of study in environmental reviews before construction could begin. in the newsroom jobs clifford kron 4 news. >> businesses owners and residents along san francisco polk street met last like to talk about bicycle and pedestrian improve is being considered for the neighborhood that could take away parking spaces. >> the san franci
a snag. kron fours drawcharles clifford explains. >> this is a google art map looking north toward settled a. the proposed stadium was it here near the train station. a couple blocks south of h p pavilion. the city transferred control of the land to the san jose development authority in order to keep the stadium project alive. chang said allegedly been giving to a successor agency which would have sold it to pay off debts or fund school and said the products. what the city it was inappropriate. >> apparently this development was not entirely unexpected by san jose city officials. they are working on ways to sell the land or transfer control it or to keep the deal with the athletics boeing 4. in the newsroom charles clifford kron 4 news room. >> a judge in sacramento as attentively ruled that the san francisco 49ers are entitled to $30 million in tax funds that santa clara voters approved earmarking for the team's new stadium. the ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by the 49ers. the team did not respond to the request for comment because the decision to still be appealed. th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3